Eugen Brühwiler:Structural UHPFRC in bridge engineering/桥梁工程结构中的超高性能混凝土(UHPFRC)   2020-01-09 
易泰山:Symmetry of separable functions and its applications to Choquard type equations   2020-01-08 
唐德: On the two species Lotka-Volterra Competitive Model: From ODE to PDE   2020-01-08 
Jeong-Uk Kim: Analysis of Building Energy Demand under Standard Climate   2020-01-08 
吴毅湘: Spectral Monotonicity of Perturbed Quasi-positive Matrices with Applications in Population Dynamics   2020-01-07 

张诚坚: Extended block boundary value methods for neutral equations with piecewise constant argument   2020-01-06 
戴求亿: Positive solution of inhomogeneous Kirchhoff type equation with sign-changing data   2020-01-06 
凌仕卿: Testing Serial Correlation and ARCH Effect of High-Dimensional Time-Series Data   2020-01-06 
袁伟: 先进电池功能结构设计及制造   2020-01-03 
饶中浩:新能源汽车动力电池热安全与热管理   2020-01-03 

赵昆: Thermal Stratification in Geophysical Fluid Flows   2020-01-02 
衣凤岐: Homogeneity breaking instability of the periodic solutions in reaction diffusion equations   2020-01-02 
尹双凤: 烃类小分子的高效转化---新催化剂与新工艺   2020-01-02 
刘又年: 纳米载药体系的构建及多模式治疗   2020-01-02 
雷震: Liouville properties of the Navier-Stokes   2020-01-02 

毛军发: 人工智能赋能新时代   2020-01-01 
Eric Li:computational design and simulation of advanced materials and structures   2019-12-27 
刘桥: Number of singular points and energy equality for the co-rotational Beris-Edwards system modeling nematic liquid crystal flow   2019-12-27 
张晓兵:固态发光探针与原位成像   2019-12-25 
鞠熀先: 功能分子原位检测及其介导的癌症精准诊治策略   2019-12-25 
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